Evan Engram shows how the Giants

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 can run the ball without using the running back“ />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal – WhiteBig Blue Viewa New York Giants communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsLibraryGiantsOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal – WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections New York Giants NewsGiants Training Camp 2016Giants vs. Eagles 2015 Odell Beckham Jerseys 2019 , Week 17Summer School – Evan Engram and the running gameNew,8commentsEvan Engram shows how the Giants can run the ball without using the running backEDTShareTweetShareShareSummer School – Evan Engram and the running gameBrad Penner-USA TODAY SportsThe New York Giants want to run the ball in 2019, that much we do know about the coming year. But some times things don’t go the way you hope, and the team will go up against an opponent that matches up well against you and what you want to do. I’ve mentioned the Giants’ week 16 loss to the Indianapolis Colts a few times already in this year’s Summer School series. I do that because I believe that game could be instructive as we look forward to 2019. In this case, I want to look at how the Giants solved a problem that had presented itself over the previous weeks: They were struggling to run the ball. In the midst of the Giants’ 40-16 drubbing of the Washington Redskins, Saquon Barkley piled up 170 yards on just 14 carries. While that is incredible production, the fact that 130 of those yards came on two carries (a 78-yard touchdown and a 52-yard run) should be noted. Outside of those two highlight reel runs, Barkley had 40 yards on 12 carries (3.3 yards per carry). The next week, in a cold, wet, sloppy meeting with the Tennessee Titans, the Giants only managed 47 yards on 16 carries, 31 yards on 14 carries for Barkley (2.9 yards per carry for the team, 2.2 for Barkley). Defenses were stacking the box against the Giants’ running game and their best weapon was having difficulty finding space with which to work. If the Giants wanted to field something like a run game — and they did — they needed to find some way to move the ball on the ground. Against the Colts, they hit on something of a solution: Give the ball to players other than Barkley. That game the Giants did not run the ball well overall, picking up 83 yards on 29 carries (2.8 yards per carry). The Colts frequently played with eight defenders around the tackle box and their defense’s speed helped to limit Barkley’s playmaking abilities.But that doesn’t tell the whole story of the Giants’ running game. Twice they handed the ball to tight end Evan Engram on a sweep, picking up 12 and 14 yards on those carries. Where trying to (metaphorically) punch the Colts’ defense in the mouth failed, misdirection succeeded. The PlayAs we’ve done in the previous play breakdowns, let’s just take a look at game speed before we put the play under the microscope.The Giants are at the Colts’ 13 yard line on 1st and 10 and come out in a heavy 13 personnel set, with three tight ends, one running back White Saquon Barkley Jerseys , and one receiver on the field. With Eli Manning under center and the tight ends in a bunch formation, this looks for all the world like a power run play. The Colts line up in a base 4-3 defense and are playing under a Cover 1 shell (man coverage on the outside, single high safety), and are clearly expecting a run as well. Particularly, they’re expecting a run to the strong side of the offensive formation — the offensive right, where the tight ends are bunched. With (potentially) nine defenders near the line of scrimmage and just eight available blockers, running the ball here would be a Bad Idea. The Giants do decide to run the ball, but not in the way the Colts are expecting.If we divide the field in half, drawing a line from the center to the back of the endzone, the Colts’ formation is heavily weighted to the offensive right. They have seven defenders (two linemen, two linebackers, two safeties, and a corner) to the offensive right, with just four defenders to the offensive left.The Giants play on the Colts’ expectations and use Evan Engram as a ball carrier on an end-around. The play negates the Colts’ numbers advantage, running away from the bulk of the defenders.From Engram’s perspective, the play is pretty simple: Sprint across the offensive formation, catch the ball in stride, and turn up-field. However, the Giants do some things with their play design to give him as much of an advantage as they can, and create as much room for him to work with as possible.Starting from the backfield, Saquon Barkley runs to the offensive right Saquon Barkley Jerseys 2019 , faking the an off-tackle carry to that side. Most of the Giants’ blockers add to the perception, briefly blocking as though for an outside-zone run. Barkley’s motion, and the blocking, freezes most of the Colts’ defense — including the unblocked right defensive end and all of the defenders at the second level.That hesitation gives the Engram time to get past the right defensive end, who the Giants left unblocked so they could work left tackle Nate Solder to the second level. The Giants also have tight end Rhett Ellison pull from the back side of the formation and work as an extra blocker on the play side. Counting wide receiver Sterling Shepard — who is noticeably conscientious about not engaging his man early — the Giants start the play with three blockers to deal with four defenders. They are at a disadvantage, but that problem is solved through play design. By leaving the defensive end unblocked, releasing Solder into space and bringing Ellison from the right side, the Giants created a numbers advantage for themselves. Where the Giants were at a three to four disadvantage on the left side, they created a four to three advantage by removing the RDE through misdirection and bringing Ellison over as an extra blocker.Engram ultimately picks up 12 yards on the run, being ruled down just short of the goal line. The Giants’ blocking isn’t great on this play, with RG Jamon Brown and Ellison being more inconveniences than blockers, Solder being unable to keep the WILL linebacker (number 49) from making the tackle, and Sterling Shepard not quite sustaining his block long enough. But while the execution wasn’t quite there, the play design was a solid and the playcall itself was timely. Concepts In Use13 personnel package.End Around.Offensive misdirection.Second level and wide receiver blocking.Box counting.Why I Like This PlayAny play that gets your playmakers the ball in space and with room to make plays is a good one. And while Saquon Barkley is going to get the overwhelming majority of the attention from both theNFL and the sports media ecosystem, but as far as the Giants are concerned, Engram should be 1b to Barkley’s 1a. Not only does Engram possess a rare blend of size and athleticism, he plays a position against which defenses are particularly vulnerable. But more than that, I like the thought process behind this play. Outside of Barkley’s two highlight reel plays, the Giants had struggled to run the ball with any consistency in weeks 14, 15, and 16. Against the Colts White Phil Simms Jerseys , the Giants showed a solid self-awareness and planned to have players other than Barkley carry the ball. That game wide receivers Corey Coleman (1 carry, 5 yards) and Sterling Shepard (1 carry, -3 yards), and Engram (2 carries, 26 yards) all carried the ball. While four carries isn’t much, it does serve to give defenses something to think about beyond simply stopping Barkley. I also like that the Giants played to on the defense’s expectations with their play design. By loading up with a heavy 13-personnel package, the Giants telegraphed that they were going to run, then gave the defense exactly what they were expecting to see — then did something different. That is a strategy the Giants should embrace in 2019, and use misdirection to slow down pass rushes and create opportunities for their offensive weapons in space. Perhaps a next step to take would be to incorporate end-arounds and sweeps into the base offense and build RPO plays off of them. In 2017, the Giants were one of the most effective teams in the league when it came to running the ball on RPO plays — coming in fifth at 5.4 yards per carry. Hopefully the Giants will continue to build on their offense and add in wrinkles to create opportunities such as these for their playmakers in 2019. After the Giants selected him with the 10th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft, cornerback Eli Apple was a disappointment, and this year the Giants had finally had enough and traded him to New Orleans. Now Apple is showing that a fresh start was what he needed.Apple has started eight games for the Saints and already has more interceptions as a Saint than he had in two and a half years as a Giant — including a big interception in Monday night’s win over the Panthers. Apple thinks he’s in the right place.“My teammates, they’re bringing out the best in me. They push me every day, especially Coach AG [secondary coach Aaron Glenn] and the whole defensive staff,” Apple said, via ESPN. “Every week, it’s just understanding the defense, understanding how my teammates play and just playing with more confidence.”The Saints gave up a 2019 third-round draft pick and a 2020 seventh-round draft pick to get Apple, who is just 23 years old and showing off some of the talent that made him a Top 10 pick.

Adjust Public Lighting to Fit Health Issues

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Health Issues A recent study by the American Medical Association (AMA) may undermine the enthusiasm of municipalities that have been considering transforming their public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) into LED systems. AMA specifically warned that due to their brightness, LED lights will produce more glare, causing eye fatigue and fatigue. In addition, the association warns that the advantages of blue wavelength light in some LED systems have the potential to disrupt individual circadian rhythms, which can lead to sleep disorders. AMA’s concerns are legal, but they are also easy to illuminate and manage through the next generation of LED street lights.

Both problems with AMA are a function of LED color rendering index (CRI) and coordinated color temperature. The first generation lamps of these lamps are significantly brighter and more demanding than incandescent and CFL lamps. Illumination that produces a „warm“ feel has the advantage of orange and yellow wavelength light, while the blue wavelength produces a cooler feel. (Somewhat confusing is that cooler lighting has a warmer lighting with a higher coordinated color temperature.) LED manufacturers push their products to higher temperatures to produce higher CRI illumination, which makes Color is more accurate than low CRI illumination.

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The food vacuum Freeze Dry Machine not only maintains the freshness and nutrition of the food, but also prolongs the shelf life of the food. What is the principle and composition of the Vacuum Freeze Dryer ?

The vacuum Freeze Dry Machine is a drying technique in which a wet material or a solution is frozen to a solid state at a lower temperature and then the water therein is directly sublimated into a gaseous state without being liquid, and finally the material is dehydrated.

The Principle of Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer principle

The constant supply of heat and the continuous elimination of steam generation. In the initial stage, if the material temperature is relatively high, the latent heat required for sublimation can be taken from the sensible heat of the material itself. However, as the sublimation progresses, the temperature of the material quickly drops to a temperature equilibrium with the vapor partial pressure of the drying chamber. At this time, if there is no external heating, the sublimation drying stops. In the case of external heating, if the steam generated by sublimation is not eliminated in time, the partial pressure of steam will increase and the temperature of the material will increase. When the material freezes, the ice crystals in the material will melt. Freeze drying will not work.

The structure of Food Vacuum Freeze Dry Machine

(1) The drying box has two main forms of cylindrical and square, each having advantages. The cylindrical shape is easy to manufacture, but the space that cannot be utilized is large; the square is opposite, the space utilization rate is high, but manufacturing is difficult.

(2) Most of the heating system uses radiation heat transfer. The radiant panel is made of anodized aluminum. The heat transfer medium has heat transfer oil, saturated water, secondary steam, organic solvents such as propylene glycol, glycerin, etc. The heat source is high pressure water vapor.

(3) The vacuum system adopts mechanical vacuum pump, including Roots pump + oil seal pump and Roots pump + Roots pump + atmospheric injection + water ring pump. More information click gf-machine

White Jerry Hughes Jerseys

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Buffalo Bills injury report: Trent Murphy White Jerry Hughes Jerseys , Kyle Williams practicing on Wednesday Buffalo Bills defensive linemen Trent Murphy (groin) and Kyle Williams (knee) have returned to team practices, which is an important step to seeing them on the field against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Bills head coach Sean McDermott announced that among the latest injury news for Buffalo’s roster on Wednesday morning.Every week during the regular season, the Bills must publish an injury report showing which players are hurt, and whether they were Full Participants, Limited Participants Jerry Hughes Jerseys 2019 , or Did Not Practice from Wednesday through Friday. At the end of the week, the Bills also publish a report designating each player as either Questionable (could play), Doubtful (very unlikely to play), or Out (won’t play). (There used to be a Probable designation for players who were very likely to play, but that was removed last year.)If Murphy and Williams continue practicing during the week Youth Dion Dawkins Jerseys , they’ll be favored to play in Buffalo’s defensive line rotation this weekend.McDermott also mentioned that receiver Ray-Ray McCloud (knee) will not practice today, and linebacker Julian Stanford (nose) will be a limited participant.When asked about receiver Zay Jones, who missed a large swath of training camp recovering from offseason surgery, McDermott noted that Jones “is ready to go.” The final week of the NFL regular season is in the books so now we can get a complete look at the division. In this AFC East Roundup, we look at the final standings along with moves some of the teams are already making in preparation for next season. New England PatriotsThe Patriots took the division crown yet again with a record of 11-5 on the year. They are now turning their attention to the playoffs where the team has a first round bye Dion Dawkins Jerseys Stitched , but was unable to claim home field advantage. In Week 17 it was business as usual for the team as they handled the New York Jets with ease. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick no doubt have their eyes set on adding another ring to their hands.Miami DolphinsMiami finishes second in the season but it was a rough 7-9 record. Head coach Adam Gase was fired about the time the Dolphins landed in Miami and it’s unclear if quarterback Ryan Tannehill will return next season. That is a lot of change for a team that had playoff hopes at one point this season. Buffalo BillsThe Bills found themselves third in the division after defeating the Dolphins, but this season was more about the rebuild. Josh Allen did make a lot of strides, including accounting for five touchdowns on Sunday, but we know he still has a way to go to reach his full potential. The beat down of the Dolphins was about honoring the career of Kyle Williams and sending the heart and soul of the team out with a victory. Sean McDermott will be back for Year 3, which is go-time for this team.New York JetsSomeone had to finish last Matt Milano Jersey , but all is not lost. Sam Darnold has shown that he can be the guy going forward for this team, but he will have to do so with a new head coach next year. The team announced Sunday that they were parting ways with Todd Bowles, so the team will look for a fresh start next year. The Jets showed at times they can be a very good football team so hopefully for them they find the right coach.

The public rest area creates the perfect security risk for the driver. These areas usually see a lot of vehicle traffic mixed with pedestrians to and from their cars. Vehicles may contain valuable personal property, and pedestrians may be fatigued or unfocused after long-distance driving, which increases the risk of vehicles and their occupants becoming criminal targets. Public rest areas are often exposed to harsh and changing environmental conditions. Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) can help facility planners address these security issues.

Initially, LED street lights can improve and increase the illumination of all parts of the common rest area. Standard outdoor lighting can create shadows and dark spots when the lights overlap or fail to reach the edge of the rest area. A driver with a vehicle in the shadow may not be able to notice the pedestrian passing through the shadow, which increases the risk of an accident. LED street lights can be used with lenses and other systems to control the projected position of the illumination with near precision. A properly designed LED rest area lighting system will produce a uniform light pattern in the rest area, eliminating the risk of accidents and collisions with shadows and black spots.

Improving the lighting in the public rest area will also help individuals in these areas feel safer, safer and less worried that dangers may be hidden in the shadows. There may be some debate about whether lighting is associated with a reduction in crime, but the fact remains that if individuals feel safer there, they are more likely to use public facilities, and adequate lighting conveys a sense of security. A more reasonable flow through the public rest area will reduce the likelihood that a dangerous encounter may occur when the number of users is small. LED street lights can create a better impression, and the public rest area is safe, which will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Non-destructive testing of Tongda analysis equipment refers to the use of heat, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, etc. caused by abnormalities or defects in the internal structure of the material without damaging or affecting the performance of the object to be inspected without damaging the internal organization of the object to be inspected. The change of reaction, by means of physical or chemical means, with the help of modern technology and equipment, the type, nature, quantity, shape, position, size and distribution of the structure, nature, state and defects of the test piece and its surface Change the way to check and test.

Why do you want to perform non-destructive testing of Tongda Analysis Equipment?

Non-destructive testing of Tongda analytical equipment is one of the more direct and effective ways to find safety hazards. The larger feature is that it does not damage the object to be measured, and has high sensitivity, and can detect small defects and internal defects that cannot be observed by the naked eye.
When do I need to perform non-destructive testing of Tongda analytical equipment?

In the stage of manufacturing pressure vessels.

After use, check it regularly.

When improving the production process, understand whether the production process is appropriate.
What is non-destructive testing of Tongda analytical equipment?

Using characteristics such as sound, light, magnetism and electricity, without detecting or affecting the performance of the object to be inspected, detecting whether there is a defect, and giving information such as the size, position, nature and quantity of the defect, thereby The technical state of the object to be inspected, that is, the eligibility, the remaining life, and the like are determined.