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MIG welding uses a gun that is continuously fed with a consumable electrode. The process uses an external gas to shield the welded metal from environmental factors like oxygen making it continuous and quick. This method is easy to learn, produces less welding fumes, has high The apparatus is costly, the process does not work […]

To maintain the desired temperature differential between the Table Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) and the polymer, water is dispensed through holes or channels in the table mould. These holes or channels are referred to as flow channels or water channels, and the configuration associated with the mobile mode is referred to as circuitry. Water-related flow projects are commercially […]

Zhejiang LICHENG Printing&Dyeing Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is committed be the superior Hot Air Stenter and flat screen printing machine exporter. We have a professional technical department who are paying the key role in pre-sales and after-sales services. Through optimally utilize of our own printing facility, we provide worldwide customers with the Hot Air Stenter. Printing […]

Dc Control Circuit In Passenger Elevator

Posted: 19th April 2019 by odson don in Allgemein

Passenger elevators are an indispensable means of transportation in modern society. However, many people know little about cold knowledge about passenger elevators. For example, the role of the DC control circuit of the passenger elevator. Now, the otse elevator manufacturer will explain the role of the DC control circuit in the passenger elevator. The DC […]

In the dyeing and finishing of textiles, the warp direction is subjected to a large pulling force, resulting in elongation and narrowing of the length. In order to overcome this unstable state and ensure the dimensional stability of the textile, the speed of feeding into the cloth is adjusted during stentering or setting, which is […]

Solar led street light(CLASSIC) makes up some components, including solar panels, rechargeable batteries, sole controllers, lamps and poles. It is designed to run automatically. Compared with traditional street lamps, solar energy stands out in the following points. 1. Solar LED street light provides owners with a simple and efficient way to illuminate. Endless and ubiquitous […]