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During a fire, an elevator is a lifeline for people living on the upper floors. So, as a building owner or manager it’s imperative, and the law, that you test your elevator fire service monthly. Understanding fire service code will help you pass your Next elevator inspection. If you’ve never done this, or you want […]

When it’s time to water your yard, does your hose drive you crazy? It’s heavy. It gets tangled. It’s hard to move. Now there are several new design expandable hose that sound like they make watering your garden a snap. Consumer test results indicate: They are a lot lighter than a regular hose.Next, measured the length, […]

Taizhou Bright Plastic Co.,Ltd is committed to making our life more bright, which is our purpose; adhering to taking customer needs as our core, we focus on the development of the domestic market, as well as foreign customers. Whatever problems you have, we will strive to provide assistance for you. With our continuous efforts and […]

By implementing intelligent monitoring systems, Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) will also become more reliable and become a new tool for cities that choose to install them. To this end, the city should require and expect that any platform used to remotely manage streetlights will remain stable and available for at least 10 years. This includes […]

Learn More About Smart LED Public Lighting

Posted: 29th März 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

Cities and governments around the world are implementing uninterrupted initiatives to improve energy efficiency in response to one of the toughest situations of the time. One of the problems is that the urban heat island effect has caused significant concern in smart cities. To define it, the urban heat island is a specific area of […]

Solar LED Street Lights Are Very Popular Abroad

Posted: 29th März 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

Today, new Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is very popular abroad, they can be powered by solar energy, making a great contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection. The LED light source part of this new environmentally-friendly solar LED street light is 4.5 meters high. After special calculation, it can meet the lighting requirements of single […]