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Buying high-quality solar led street light can be a daunting task, and only numbers will make you feel cringe. When you look at the initial cost of a project, sometimes the cost savings are ignored. But don’t feel uneasy, there are ways to help budget your Solar led street light(CLASSIC) project and make it more […]

Achieve Public Lighting in California

Posted: 18th Februar 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

Like state homeowners, California companies are increasingly obsessed with finding energy-efficient lighting solutions to reduce utility bills. This passion is justified. After all, the study found that about 35% of commercial buildings‘ total electricity consumption (if you want to know, 22% of household electricity consumption) comes from lighting. Is the outdoor public lighting(CLASSIC) solution the […]

Many small cities invest in the future by turning Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC) into old mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium street lamps. Planners must face higher initial costs. Some medium-sized cities spend more than $2 million on LED street lighting, but even conservative city officials appreciate the prospect of permanently reducing energy costs. LED street […]

Transparent Pet Preform manufacturers have a different direction in the development stage. Different development stages and different transparent PET bottle manufacturers have a considerable relationship with your development. Today, Runhang will take you to understand its scale and development, let’s take a look! Transparent PET bottle manufacturer Summarize the development of China in the past 30 […]

Flat Screen Printing Machine Brief Introduction: Flat-screen printing machines can be manual, semi-automatic or completely automatic. One type of machine, which is still commonly found in printing houses, can be described as follows. The fabric is first glued to a moving endless belt. A stationary screen at the front of the machine, is lowered onto […]

The Juice Production Line is based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology. According to the requirements of China’s beverage production process, it is an advanced level complete set of beverage equipment, mainly used for juice, orange juice, apple juice, pear juice, Large-capacity filling of non-sparkling beverages such as tea drinks, purified water, […]