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Cobalt Chrome Alloy electrode classification. According to different situations, there are three classification methods for cobalt alloy electrodes: classification according to the use of welding rods, classification according to the main chemical components of the coatings, and classification according to the characteristics of the slag after melting of the coatings. According to the use of […]

DOME Fiber Closure Details

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Green Telecom’s products are mainly related to communication. The main products are DOME Fiber Closure , Fiber Optic Splice Closure, Inline Closure, Fiber Closure and the like. The whole set of plastic parts is made of scientifically formulated high-strength PC engineering plastics, which can be used for a long time in the natural environment of […]

At present, domestic products can basically meet the needs of pre-treatment equipment for drinking water and carbon Fruit Juice Production Line in China. There are also matching products for medium and low-speed bottle and packing equipment. In the case of hot filling machines, each equipment The factory can solve the process requirements of equipment control and […]

China Pet Bottle To Fully Test The Product

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After completing a set of Pet Preform, the next step is to test the effectiveness of the mold. This is the tryout. Then put into production, and maintenance of the mold in production, in order to make the mold in a better working state, let us get the most benefit? When trying the mold, we […]

Introduction To The Details Of The Enameled Wire Function Test I

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Factors affecting thermal shock; (1) the influence of paint, (2) the influence of copper wire, (3) the impact of enamelled technology. The softening breakdown function of the enameled wire is a measure of the ability of the paint film of the enameled wire to withstand the thermal deformation under the mechanical force effect, that is, […]

The actual pressure should be higher than the entire chamber pressure. During the injection of the Pet Bottle Mould, the mode control pressure rises sharply and eventually peaks. The peak is the usual injection pressure. The injection pressure is significantly higher than the full chamber pressure. Pressure-preserving effect: After filling the cavity with plastic, the […]