Buy Diamonds online

Posted: 29th April 2017 by John Smith in Allgemein


Many jewelry enterprises are still adopting the traditional methods that sources diamonds through drop shipping but at PetraGems; we operate on the contrary! An amazing method that focuses on recycling of metals collected from estates, the estates jewelry and in market diamonds has successfully made us always to lead in wholesale diamonds while still ensuring that our environment is conserved. More still, our process in jewelry production has been structured such that the supply chain omits for brokers thus reducing the cost that is directly reflected to our customers by far. But these are not the only feature that makes our jewelry the best; we allow for custom designs from our clients and are able to process their designs in less time thereby ensuring that our jewelry conforms to an individual’s preference of both size and shape. Our mode of operation is very customer oriented and we therefore uphold transparency in our dealings while our constant large stocks of GIA and AGS graded loose diamonds enables us to accord the most reasonable cost that matches with the jewel value.

It is through hard work and the ambition to produce the best quality yet at a relatively low price that has made us sell dozens of jewels that range from exquisite engagement rings, loose diamond rings, colored gemstones, and men’s wedding rings to H&A Ideal cuts each passing day. So for your order on loose diamonds, get in touch with our ever ready support team who will avail back your design in 3D cams  for your approval and later finish processing your jewel in a time framework that you cannot imagine. As if this is not enough, PetraGems will deliver your orders online and then arrange for a more convenient paying method making the transaction smooth for you all the way.