Do A Good Job in The Daily Maintenance of Heavy Roller Chain

Posted: 12th November 2019 by kimminseok in Allgemein

Heavy Roller chain(GETECHAIN) is an indispensable part of mechanical equipment. It is related to the daily production power and operation quality of the equipment. In the daily use of the heavy roller chain, the chain is easily rusted and excessively worn. Therefore, we should do a good job in the daily maintenance and protection of the heavy roller chain and then extend its service life. Here are three points of protection and maintenance knowledge.

1. Do not place heavy roller chain in damp places, which will easily cause rust and corrosion of heavy roller chains.

2. Do not place the heavy roller chain in direct sunlight, which will cause deformation of the chain.

3. Keep away from places with chemical corrosion.

If there is an error in the pitch of the sprocket, although the processing of the sprocket is very exquisite, if it is a small batch, it is often wire cutting or milling into teeth. Roundness is produced by turning, so it is difficult to say if the pitch is cut or milled. The diameter of the graduation circle is not so good. It is possible that there is an error in the pitch of the chain, so it is better to replace it with several heavy roller chains. However, heavy roller chains are standard parts, which may be relatively small.

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