1. Confirmation items before use: Before winding Aluminum Magnet Wire(XINYU) on the machine, attention should be paid to check whether the model and specification of aluminum magnet wire meet the requirements so as not to cause abnormal phenomena.

2. Items to be noticed during transportation: As the coating of aluminum magnet wire is very thin, it is easy to be damaged by sharp objects, so care should be taken to prevent the aluminum magnet wire from being damaged due to collision during transportation.

3. Storage: First of all, the integrity of the outer package of the aluminum magnet wire should be maintained to prevent the aluminum magnet wire from being polluted due to package damage. Generally, aluminum magnet wires should be stored away from dust, metal debris, humidity and sunlight.

4. Matters needing attention in the winding process of aluminum electromagnetic wire:

(1) Scratch during winding: since the surface of the aluminum electromagnetic wire is a layer of insulating film, it is easy to be scratched by the edges and corners of metal objects, so in the winding process, it is necessary to pay attention to the contact parts of mechanical equipment with the aluminum electromagnetic wire and minimize the external force applied to the aluminum electromagnetic wire; The paint film is prevented from being damaged.

(2) Winding tension: During the winding process, the tension applied to the aluminum electromagnetic wire should be as small as possible to reduce the change in the performance of the aluminum electromagnetic wire as much as possible.

5. Removal of paint film of aluminum electromagnetic wire

(1) Combustion method: such as alcohol lamp combustion method.

(2) Mechanical stripping method: such as special paint stripper.

(3) Chemical reagent treatment: such as paint remover.

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