Consumers do not need to operate their own Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC). Although they are equipped with installation schematics, they are not professionals after all. If they make a mistake one step at a time, they may make a mistake one step at a time. After all, the installation quality of household water filters directly determines the future use quality.

1. It is better not to install it in a place with direct sunlight. It is better to control its normal use temperature to between 1 degree and 39 degrees. Either in summer or winter, too high or too low a temperature may cause the water filter to freeze or generate algae.

2. Test the inlet water pressure. Before the installation of water purification products, the water pressure of the raw water in the customer’s home must be tested. If the water pressure of the raw water is too small, it may lead to the risk of water pipe falling off, equipment damage and water leakage, and a pressure reducing valve need to be installed. Focus on the high-rise users of the tower, unstable water pressure, especially the secondary water supply in the residential area, and obviously large tap pressure.

3. All pipes, joints, faucets and other wading fittings on household water filters shall conform to the national health standards.

4. After the installation of the household water filter is completed, it shall be inspected again, especially the inspection of connecting pipelines.

For consumers, it is best to have professional help in the installation process of water filters, which will reduce many unnecessary problems. For water filter manufacturers, every installation worker must receive unified training. Every installation test and every installation detail are to eliminate potential safety hazards and provide consumers with safe and reassuring water filter products.

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