Choose economical while ensuring safety and reliability

Posted: 11th Oktober 2019 by wearresistant William in Allgemein

How to choose wear resistant castings materials?

1 best effect

This is the first principle for the optimization of wear-resistant materials. It is necessary to make reasonable choices according to the different working conditions of different wear-resistant materials. First of all, it is necessary to correctly analyze the working conditions of the workpiece and its wear mechanism, and understand the performance indexes of various wear-resistant materials to make the best effect under the best working conditions, which can reduce wear, reduce energy consumption and save energy. , to extend the service life, has a direct meaning.

2 Economically reasonable

That is to say, the selected wear-resistant materials, under the conditions of their work, and under the premise of ensuring safety and reliability, have the lowest production cost and high service life to reduce the comprehensive cost, so as to improve economic and social benefits.

3 production feasible

The selected wear-resistant materials can be produced in a quality and quantity under the existing economic and technical conditions of the enterprise, and the operation process is simple, which is advantageous for mass production.

4 Rational use of resources

The alloying elements of the selected wear-resistant materials are alloyed as much as possible by using our rich and inexpensive iron alloys under the premise of ensuring the required performance of the products. This not only reduces the production cost, but also makes rational use of existing Resources.

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