Summer is usually very hot and the temperature outside is very high. Many Aluminum Magnet Wire(XINYU) will encounter a hot problem. As for the heating phenomenon caused by the use of aluminum magnet wire, the protection of aluminum magnet wire has become many important and unique technologies.

As we all know, the working temperature of aluminum magnet wire is between minus 20 degrees and 70 degrees. Summer is going to end the busy period. In order to catch up with the harvest of wheat straw near the field, the field is neglected and there are no power cable lines and facilities to avoid fire and other conditions of power cables under high-temperature conditions in summer.

The following things should be noted: smoking must be banned in wheat fields, oil depots, warehouses, beds, sofas, etc. instead of tobacco and ash straw, power cables and other products, but the consequences are unimaginable.

The power cord, switching power supply and the circuit must be checked regularly, such as aging and breakage, and must be replaced in time. If the hand touches the outer skin of the aluminum magnet wire, it shall be handled in time if there is any phenomenon such as fever.

No overload is allowed to avoid overload of lines, an overload of carts of ponies, heating of line equipment, purchase of high-power aluminum magnet wire, etc.

It is strictly prohibited to cover or cover other inflammable materials or inflammable materials on electric lamps, small suns, and uncooled electric heating appliances. Before going out to work and study, we must turn off the electrical appliances to avoid working long hours.

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