What factors will affect the casting size?

Posted: 16th September 2019 by wearresistant William in Allgemein

Stainless steel castings are no stranger to us, but it is very difficult to control the size in our production process. A little carelessness will result in inaccurate size. So what are the factors that cause its inaccurate size, mainly the following factors.

1. Structure of the casting: the casting has thick wall, large shrinkage rate, thin wall, small shrinkage rate, large free shrinkage rate and small blocking shrinkage rate.

2. Shell-making materials: Zircon sand, zircon powder, Shangdian sand and Shangdian powder are used because of their small expansion coefficient.

3. Casting temperature: The higher the casting temperature, the greater the shrinkage rate, the lower the casting temperature and the smaller the shrinkage rate, so the casting temperature should be appropriate.

4. Casting Material: The higher the carbon content in the material, the smaller the linear shrinkage rate of stainless steel castings, and the lower the carbon content, the larger the linear shrinkage rate of stainless steel castings.

5. Linear shrinkage rate of casting caused by molding: wax injection temperature, wax injection pressure and holding time have the most obvious influence on the size of the investment mold, followed by wax injection pressure. Holding time has little influence on the final size of the investment mold after the investment mold is formed. Linear shrinkage rate of wax material is about 0.9-1.1%.

The above five points will affect the dimensional accuracy of stainless steel castings, therefore, we should pay special attention to the above in the future production process.

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