Small Details That Extend The Life of The Leaf Chain

Posted: 11th September 2019 by kimminseok in Allgemein

Now the use of the leaf chain(GETECHAIN) is still relatively large, and some of the prices of the leaf chain are relatively high, we all hope to buy a good quality leaf chain. Let’s take a look at some of the methods introduced by leaf chain experts to extend the life of the leaf chain.

If the leaf chain is used in a harsh environment, be sure to pay attention to the protective measures. After use, be sure to do the follow-up work. To clean the leaf chain itself, you need to do some nursing work. The service life of the chain is very helpful.

Want to extend the service life of the leaf chain is to do regular maintenance in peacetime. In fact, many tools are regularly maintained during the process of use. Of course, the leaf chain is not an exception. The maintenance of the leaf chain is also It is not necessary to do it often. If it is done badly, it is not good. It is very good to do it once in a while. In regular maintenance, some things that should be maintained are all done. For example, if you are oiling, you must use it. The correct way.

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