The Advantages Of Tongda Analysis Equipment

Posted: 11th September 2019 by tongda edith in Allgemein

Compared to traditional analytical equipment, Tongda analysis equipment has the following advantages:

  1. Freely store and play back A sweep waveforms and data;
  2. The DAC and AVG curves are automatically generated and can be segmented. The sampling points are not limited and can be corrected and compensated.

3.B scanning function, clearly showing the shape of the longitudinal section of the defect

  1. Free to enter any industry standard;
  2. Communicate with computer to realize computer data management, and export the inspection report of Excel format and A4 paper;
  3. Use the PC-side communication software to upgrade the functions of the instrument system;
  4. Real-time clock recording: tracking records of real-time flaw detection date and time, and storing;
  5. High-precision quantification and positioning meet the requirements for near and far-distance detection;
  6. Automatic calibration: Automatically test the „zero point“, „K value“, „front edge“ of the probe and the „sound speed“ of the material;
  7. Automatic display of defect echo position (depth d, horizontal p, distance s, amplitude, equivalent dB, aperture ф value);
  8. Freely switch three scales (depth d, level p, distance s);
  9. Automatic gain, echo envelope, and peak memory function improve the efficiency of flaw detection;
  10. Automatically record the flaw detection process and perform dynamic playback;
  11. φ value calculation: straight probe forging flaw detection, find the defect high wave automatic conversion aperture ф value;
  12. Multiple independent flaw detection channels, which can freely input and store the flaw detection standards of any industry. It is not necessary to carry test blocks for on-site flaw detection;
  13. Power-down protection, storage data is not lost;
  14. The flaw detection parameters can be automatically tested or preset;
  15. Digital suppression does not affect gain and linearity;