How to prevent precautions against damage to the Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD)?

First, the wall thickness of the casting is as uniform as possible to avoid the occurrence of thermal joints to reduce the thermal fatigue caused by local heat concentration in the dustbin mould. Appropriate casting fillets should be placed at the corners of the casting to avoid stresses caused by sharp corners on the dustbin mould.

Second, the components in the dustbin mould should have sufficient rigidity and strength to withstand the pressure without deformation. The wall thickness of the dustbin mould should be sufficient to reduce the deformation.

Third, the gating system is designed to minimize impact and erosion on the core.

Fourth, the tolerance fit and surface roughness of each component are correctly selected.

Fifth, temperature control: preheating temperature and working temperature of the dustbin mould; alloy casting temperature, under the premise of ensuring good moulding, using a lower pouring temperature.

Sixth, adjust the clamping force of the machine to make the dustbin mould evenly stressed. Pay attention to cleaning the debris on the surface of the dustbin mould, so as to avoid the unevenness of the surface of the dustbin mould and cause deformation when the mould is closed.

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