Correct Use Of Passenger Elevators

Posted: 22nd Juli 2019 by odson don in Allgemein

In order to better ensure the safe operation of the elevator, reduce the occurrence of faults and ensure the personal safety, normal life and work of passengers, Dongguan Elevator Company introduced according to the elevator performance and use specifications, passengers should use the elevator correctly according to the following requirements:

  1. Do not exceed the rated number and load capacity by the ladder. It is strictly forbidden to use the elevator for overtime, overweight and oversized. When the overload occurs, the elevator will alarm. Please take the initiative to polite, exit and take the next elevator.
  2. When entering and leaving the elevator, the elevator will automatically open and close. Do not attempt to open the elevator door by hand or lean your body against the elevator door to avoid personal injury.
  3. Operate the elevator properly, do not hit the button with hard objects.
  4. Don’t play and jump in the elevator, and rude behavior is prohibited in the car.
  5. Do not smoke in the elevator. It is forbidden to bring other fires into the elevator.

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