Adjust Public Lighting to Fit Health Issues

Posted: 19th Juli 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

Health Issues A recent study by the American Medical Association (AMA) may undermine the enthusiasm of municipalities that have been considering transforming their public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) into LED systems. AMA specifically warned that due to their brightness, LED lights will produce more glare, causing eye fatigue and fatigue. In addition, the association warns that the advantages of blue wavelength light in some LED systems have the potential to disrupt individual circadian rhythms, which can lead to sleep disorders. AMA’s concerns are legal, but they are also easy to illuminate and manage through the next generation of LED street lights.

Both problems with AMA are a function of LED color rendering index (CRI) and coordinated color temperature. The first generation lamps of these lamps are significantly brighter and more demanding than incandescent and CFL lamps. Illumination that produces a „warm“ feel has the advantage of orange and yellow wavelength light, while the blue wavelength produces a cooler feel. (Somewhat confusing is that cooler lighting has a warmer lighting with a higher coordinated color temperature.) LED manufacturers push their products to higher temperatures to produce higher CRI illumination, which makes Color is more accurate than low CRI illumination.

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