If the sales market of Household Product Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is open in the future and the demand for household products mould increases sharply, it is possible to open the second set of household products mould, i.e. duplicate moulds, at any time during the first production of household products mould. This will not affect the production of products at all. As for the transportation schedule, there is another obvious advantage, that is, the mould factory will summarize the design and manufacturing experience when opening the mould for the first time. These experiences will be very good when applied to the second household products mould. In order to improve the space, even if you don’t need it, the mould factory will undoubtedly take the initiative to do it, because it will make them take fewer detours and make the copied model more perfect.

On the other hand, if unknown products are expected to be launched from the beginning of the project, it will only increase the procurement cost of household products mould by at least 1/3; In addition, the cost of domestic moulds is also required at the stage of engineering design. For example, consider using S136 as the core of steel material and selecting a fine nozzle when entering a household products mould. This will increase the cost of many household products mould to varying degrees. Of course, if the product requirements are higher or the customer specifies which material to use, what is the process?

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