We need to test the effectiveness of the Air Cooler Mould(CLASSIC), that is, the test mould. Then put into production, and how to maintain and maintain the air cooler mould in production, so as to make the air cooler mould in a better working state, so that we can reap the greatest benefits?

Attention should be paid to whether the opening and closing of the air cooler mould are smooth and whether the ejection is smooth when testing the mould. Secondly, pay attention to the gate position and glue feeding method of the air cooler mould, as well as the gate size and cavity size, so as to select the appropriate pressure, speed and material quantity for injection moulding. After the air cooler mould heats up, carefully check all the mating parts of the air cooler mould for any hard phenomenon, and then confirm the bonding line and exhaust gas. Please ask the quality personnel to confirm the size and appearance after the product is fully filled.

During the production process of the air cooler mould, the setting and safety device of the air cooler mould should be checked to let the operators know the possible problems in the process. After the production is completed, necessary measures shall be taken for the machine table and the die for lower die or standby.

When the air cooler mould is put aside for non-production, the air cooler mould shall be maintained. First of all, check the air cooler mould to determine the maintenance method. If parts need to be disassembled, first check whether there are clear marks. After the maintenance of the parts is completed, the assembly shall be in accordance with the order. After the assembly is completed, confirm the sequence of the air cooler mould.

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