There are many kinds of water treatment equipment. According to their functions, we can divide them into several types, including those that soften the water quality, desalinate seawater, treat sewage and purify the water quality. Among them, the more typical and prominent one with a wider application range belongs to reverse osmosis water purification equipment. However, Ro Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) often suffer from scaling. What is the cause?

1. Design reasons

At the beginning of the design, the two-stage operation was mostly adopted to improve the recovery rate, making the recovery rate reach more than 75%, but some manufacturers pursued the recovery rate too high and designed the three-stage operation. This will cause the salt content of the concentrated water to be too high in the third stage, so the result must be scaling after saturation. There is also the possibility of scaling if pure water from reverse osmosis is not used in the flushing stage but saline water is used for flushing.

2. Reasons for dosing pump

The scaling of the RO membrane is also caused by the unreasonable setting of dosing or failure of the drug pump. As we all know, there are scale inhibitors in the dosing device, which can slow down the formation of scale. However, if the drug pump fails, such as drug leakage, drug failure or uneven drug addition, the RO membrane will have structural phenomena.

3. The operator operation error

This mainly refers to the wrong or improper operation of the equipment operators when using the equipment, including not carrying out thorough flushing in the flushing stage, or flushing with pre-treated water containing chemicals during flushing, which are not correct operations.

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