In the new rural construction, the integrated Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is not only loved by the villagers, but also saves electricity and maintenance costs. In the later stage, solar LED street lamps play an important role in the development of rural road lighting.

The integrated solar street light has four different styles, selectivity, beautiful appearance, high-grade products, convenient installation, energy saving and environmental protection, and is well received by customers.

The integration of solar LED street lights is used as a solar power source, providing night road lighting, integrated design of poles and battery components, with windproof, internal use of intelligent charge and discharge and micro-computer lights, when control technology. The solar street lamp adopts high-efficiency lighting design, has high-efficiency brightness, is easy to install, stable and reliable, does not lay cables, does not consume conventional energy, and has long life. It is mainly used for lighting of urban roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park greening, units, outdoor parking lots, country roads and other places. The solar LED street light consists of the following components: solar panels, solar controllers, battery packs, light sources, poles and lamp housings, and some are also equipped with inverters.

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