The NFC East is getting interesting again

Posted: 30th Mai 2019 by liny in Allgemein
.In the blue corner 2019 Dexter Lawrence Jersey , Giants G.M. Dave Gettleman. In the red (ok, burgundy) corner, Washington president Bruce Allen.Gettleman, defending the decision to use the sixth overall pick on quarterback Daniel Jones, said over the weekend that he knows “for a fact” that two other teams would have drafted Jones before the Giants were on the clock again at No. 17. Someone (the Giants) then leaked that those two teams were Denver and Washington.Allen, appearing on NFL Network, responded to the notion that Gettleman had actual knowledge of Washington’s draft preferences.“We picked the player we wanted to pick,” Allen said, via “I’m almost positive Dave has no clue what our draft board would be. I don’t know which draft boards he knows Dexter Lawrence NFL Draft , but he doesn’t know ours.”Gettleman doesn’t know any, absent espionage. That’s the biggest flaw in his gratuitous “for a fact” claim. No G.M. knows another team’s draft board unless there has been spying.So why does Gettleman insist that two teams between No. 6 and No. 17 would have taken Jones? That’s better than the truth, which is that the Giants feared being leapfrogged at No. 17 by a team smart enough to realize that the Giants were in the Daniel Jones business, given the effort to get the fans and media comfortable with the possibility of Daniel Jones being drafted by the Giants.By floating the Daniel Jones trial balloon, the Giants backed themselves into a corner. That’s the truth, but Gettleman can’t or won’t admit it.Regardless, if Daniel Jones becomes a franchise quarterback, it won’t matter whether he was pick No. 6 or No. 17. Conversely, if Jones doesn’t become a franchise quarterback Color Rush Deandre Baker Jersey , it won’t matter whether he was pick No. 17 or No. 6.The best news is that New York and Washington will continue to play each other twice per year every year, with Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins going head-to-head and their progress (or otherwise) being compared on an apples-to-apples basis. Yes, a trade for Josh Rosen would potentially solve a major need, but based on what has been reported about the possibility, here’s why it’s probably not going to happen.“Have questions about the Giants? E-mail them to, and the best ones will be answered in an upcoming mailbag. Thanks!Okay, so if you’re the Giants at this point, you have to ask yourself if you really want Rosen, are you willing to send the No. 2 pick and a conditional No. 3 next year? Or do you say Youth Deandre Baker Jersey , “There’s a lot of good value in the second round to where I don’t want to spend it on a player who is probably going to sit a year?”Personally I think the Giants go with Door No. 2. If the goal is to compete this year while they build, you don’t want to spend a draft asset on a guy who probably isn’t going to contribute this year. Bruce wrote, “Seems that last year they [Giants] weren’t that enthusiastic about his [Rosen’s] potential vs. the rest of the 2018 QB class.” We don’t know that to be a fact and I think it would be wrong to make that assumption based on how things unfolded last year considering everyone knew how Dave Gettleman felt about Saquon Barkley.What we do know, based on what the Giants did, is that Barkley was graded higher than any of the quarterbacks, which is why he went No. 2 overall. Had Barkley not been there, I believe the Giants second option would have been offensive lineman Quinton Nelson or edge rusher Bradley Chubb.Last point. Bruce opined that he believes the Giants might “punt the QB question until next year when they have the cap space and assets to get the QB they really want from a much superior pool of players.”The cap will have very little, if anything, to do with this decision. Remember Womens Deandre Baker Jersey , rookie deals are currently controlled and are based on where a player is slotted so you’re not talking about a major investment that will eat away at the cap. Worse case is the Giants extend Eli Manning at market value and then swap out one of Alex Tanney or Kyle Lauletta for the new quarterback, whose cap hit shouldn’t be that much higher than Tanney’s or Lauletta’s 2020 figure.I think the whole thing boils down to finding the right fit at quarterback and not forcing things. Gettleman and Shurmur have worked very hard to redefine the culture in the locker room. They want professionals who hate to lose (yes that’s a real thing, by the way). I don’t get the sense they’re big on guys who see themselves as a “brand” using football to promote themselves. They’re probably looking for a guy willing to make the Quest Diagnostics Training Center his second home like Manning has for years, which is why I don’t believe they’re going to rush into any decisions.