Link Public Lighting to Safety

Posted: 25th Mai 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

If you live in a city and walk alone at night, you may prefer a well-lit route. Even if you live in a more suburban area, this certainly applies. Linking public lighting(CLASSIC) to safety is one of the common feelings that I can almost resonate with everyone.

After installing 3,500 new public lights in London’s Wandsworth borough in the mid-1980s as part of its overall crime reduction program, researchers at the University of Southampton decided to compare the crimes reported before and after the upgrade. Although the increased lighting for decades has become a major component of urban crime prevention, the researchers found „there is no evidence to support the hypothesis of improving street lighting to reduce reporting crime.“

American cities tried similar experiments during the same period, and the results were mixed. According to a systematic review of urban lighting experiments in the United States in 2007, the increase in public lighting in Indianapolis, Harrisburg, New Orleans, and Portland, Oregon is inconsistent with the decline in crime rates in affected areas, but in Milwaukee, Atlanta. This is true. , Kansas City and Fort Worth. However, even in American cities where public lighting is “effective,” they seem to be inconsistent: although Fort Worth sees a reduction in all types of crime, Kansas City has only reduced violent crime.

But criminologist Ken Pease says things here really make you in trouble: public lighting makes criminals as much as their potential victims. As public lighting increases, potential thieves can more easily see the contents of parked cars, do not need to carry a flashlight (which can warn someone of their existence), and can take up a place and determine if anyone around them can stop them Run-in. Light may scare off criminals, but it can also tell them enough houses, streets or parking lots to find out if they have anything terrible.

So what happens when you take public lighting? A recent study conducted in Chicago on behalf of the Chicago Department of Transportation found that street power outages have different effects on different neighborhoods. “For some communities, there are not enough crimes in areas affected by blackouts to estimate models,” the authors said. At the same time, when public lighting in other communities went out, the crime rate rose by 134%. Efforts to reduce light pollution (rather than blackouts) have been carried out in the United States and Europe, and there has been no corresponding increase in crime; in addition to the possible energy-saving lighting regulations passed in Auckland in 2002, the murders in 2011 have been accused of soaring.

The connection between light and crime may not be what most of us think, but the connection between light and our sense of security is exactly what it has always been. Southampton researchers who measured the crime rate at Wandsworth also found that the new public lighting „provides a guarantee for those who are afraid of using public space,“ especially women. Lighting adds community awareness and community pride. It brings us to the outdoor community and helps us understand each other. Fear keeps us away from the alley, the attraction of light and what it represents leads us to the illuminated streets.

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