How to Avoid Damage to Furniture Mould

Posted: 15th Mai 2019 by xiu in Allgemein

Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) often appear in the process of damage, affecting normal operation, then how to solve the root cause?

1 The casting structure is well designed, the wall thickness of the casting is as uniform as possible, avoiding the generation of hot sections, and reducing the local heat concentration. The corners of the mould should have appropriate casting fillets to prevent the furniture mould from having sharp points and causing damage.

2. Reasonable furniture mould structure design, each part of the mould should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the pressure and mould wall thickness deformation should be sufficient to reduce deformation; casting system design minimizes the impact of the core corrosion. The tolerance fit and the surface roughness of each component are appropriately selected to maintain the mould heat balance by heat treatment.

3. The microstructure of the material can be changed to ensure the necessary strength and dimensional stability, heat fatigue resistance and hardness. The heat treatment process with the correct cutting performance of the material will be the best furniture mould performance, the properties of the steel are affected by the quenching temperature and cooling. The effect of speed and tempering time.

4. Die-casting process control Temperature control: preheating temperature and working temperature of furniture mould, casting temperature of the alloy is lower when casting temperature is good. Reasonable die-casting process: specific pressure filling speed; adjust the locking force of the machine to make the force of the furniture mould uniform, pay attention to cleaning the residual cutting debris on the surface of the mould, avoid uneven force on the surface of the furniture mould, and cause unnecessary residue caused by the mould closing. Deformation. Strictly control alloy smelting and reduce metal gases.

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