Learn More About Water Filter Cartridges

Posted: 14th Mai 2019 by ko in Allgemein

Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC) are designed to eliminate specific contaminants. In order to ensure that the filter can remove certain contaminants, the packaging should say that the water filter cartridge meets the NSF certification for the substance. NSF International is a non-profit testing laboratory that also sets standards for the industry. Third-party laboratories certified according to NSF standards include CSA, UL and WQA.

Figure out how much drinking water your family uses. One or two carafe may be enough for one or two people, but not ideal for families that consume a few gallons of water a day. Includes the amount of water used for cooking. The countertop and the model below can filter a lot of water.

Some types of filtered water can be slow. Think about your patience and the amount of water your family uses in one day. Carafe and reverse osmosis filters typically provide the slowest flow rate and are rated on their own scale. In faucet installation, countertop and sewer models, faucet-mounted filters flow the slowest. You will see the traffic score for each test filter in our rating.

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