Air cooler are products that require functionality and good appearance. For all other household appliance types, the choice of steel for Air Cooler Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), mold making techniques and assembly is paramount. Typically, the housing is made of ABS / ABS + PC / HIPS, with good appearance and strength, internal electrical components are made of PA or PPMD, some shafts or shafts are made of POM, and some moving parts are also made of pp.

The steels with the advantages of AC mold manufacturing are listed below.

Cavity and core steel

For AC molds, we use DIN 1.2738 and NAK 80 in the cavity and 718 in the core because the cavity parts need to be highly polished so that the external parts of the AC have a glossy appearance, such as Air wings, Grill, Top coverage. The P20 can also be used for core components, but we recommend using the 718H to increase the strength of these molds as these are the most important and important AC components.

For the blower section, we use tempered H13 because the plastic used for the blower is abrasive in nature, so we need hardened stainless steel to prevent core and cavity wear.

For all other components, we use 718H in the cavity part and p20 in the core part because these parts are small and do not require high polishing. We can even use p20 in cores and cavities, but we recommend using 718H in the cavity and p20 in the core for better mold quality.

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