Recover Public Lighting With Modern Equipment

Posted: 14th März 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

As part of the Croatian energy efficiency project, the National Electric Utility Energy Service (HEP ESCO) partnered with the town to implement a 2 million Kuna ($400,000) project that refurbished outdated and inefficient public lighting(CLASSIC) with modern equipment. The system is part of a system that has been restored to have lost service.

Modernization involves replacing old bulbs and bulbs with more efficient bulbs and replacing discarded mercury lamps with more efficient sodium lamps. The project also reduces light pollution by installing dimming controls to reduce late night energy consumption at the lowest traffic intensity. It is estimated that reduced energy consumption will reduce pollutant emissions from energy production, and the project will reduce Novigrad’s energy costs by approximately 70,000 Kura per year, equivalent to $14,000.

Novigrad’s project is very important, because even such small projects can help open up the Croatian energy services market and demonstrate the importance and opportunities of energy efficiency and environmental benefits to Croatian customers and other stakeholders. . Same as lowering operating and maintenance costs.

The Croatian Energy Efficiency Project, co-financed by World Bank loans and GEF grants, aims to build successful projects like Novigrad with the goal of building Croatian SMEs as key players in the country’s energy Efficiency market.

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