Reduce The Cost of LED Public Lighting

Posted: 14th März 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

A more relaxed performance goal will reduce the cost of the bill of materials and Led Public lighting(CLASSIC). At the same time, if rigorous testing is performed and substandard products are forced to exit the market, the reduced requirements will actually promote a more unified market.

People may doubt whether government intervention is effective, pointing out the disastrous defeat of the “multi-city, multi-light” streetlight project in 2010. Another way of looking at this kind of intervention is that the money that was previously wasted is the “tuition fee” for tuition fees. The second round of this streetlight project and the 2.2 billion yuan ($349 million) lighting subsidy are much stricter. Remember that decision maker won’t be selected, so they have the opportunity to pay for it.

It is one thing to buy a complete engineering team to build a factory overnight. It is more difficult to choose the right research and development direction. Companies need good R&D leadership and a healthy marketing infrastructure to provide input. Chinese companies are always cautious about marketing. To succeed, companies need to be more open and strengthen communication with the rest of the world.

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