Passenger Elevator Failure Response

Posted: 14th März 2019 by odson don in Allgemein

When I am riding a مصعد الركاب, what should we do if we accidentally encounter a malfunction? Here is a brief introduction by the elevator expert – otes:

  1. We can use the emergency intercom on the operation control panel of the car to ask the person on duty for help.

  2. If the button is not answered, we can call the “Maintenance Phone” or “Urgent Repair Phone” on the safety inspection qualified sign in the car to ask the professional maintenance personnel for help.

  3. If the maintenance phone or emergency call is not available, you can choose to dial 110 or 119.

  4. You can also scream at the door, but if no one responds, you need to wait calmly, observe the movement, maintain your strength, wait for the rescue, and don’t stop crying.