China Leads LED Public Lighting Deployment

Posted: 14th März 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

At the recent street and regional lighting conferences, the International Lighting Director of Climate Groups presented a surprising view that China has four of the world’s five largest Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) fixtures. We are always providing you with regular updates on solid-state lighting (SSL) installations in outdoor areas, although many are in the United States. Obviously, other regions such as China and India are worthy of attention. In fact, last week, Dongguan Songshan Lake City announced a new SSL device.

The city of Los Angeles has the largest LED public lighting installation, with 30,000 SSL fixtures installed to date. However, in the early stages of this technology, Chinese cities may be the biggest buyers of such street lights.

“With our modular design and Future’s engineering and supply chain assistance, our Artemis range offers pricing, performance, customization and time-to-market advantages to customers around the world,” said Clint Yu, Director of Sales and Marketing at AOP. “Energy initiatives like China are driving the adoption of LED public lighting. The municipality also benefits from fewer bulb replacements and associated labor costs associated with longer LED life.”

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