1. Does not damage the material and structure of the test piece
    The biggest feature of non-destructive testing is that it can be tested without damaging the material and structure of the test piece. Therefore, after non-destructive testing, the inspection rate of the product can reach 100%. However, not all projects and indicators that need to be tested can be non-destructively tested, and non-destructive testing techniques have their own limitations. Some tests can only use destructive tests, so the current non-destructive testing is not a substitute for destructive testing. That is to say, the evaluation of a workpiece, material, and equipment must compare and match the results of the non-destructive testing with the results of the destructive test to make an accurate assessment.
    2. Properly choose the time to implement non-destructive testing
    Nondestructive testing system
    In the case of non-destructive testing, the timing of non-destructive testing must be properly selected based on the purpose of non-destructive testing.
    3. Correctly choose the most appropriate non-destructive testing method
    Since various detection methods have certain characteristics, in order to improve the reliability of the test results, it is necessary to select the type, shape, location and orientation of the defects that may be generated according to the material of the device, the manufacturing method, the working medium, the use conditions and the failure mode. Non-destructive testing methods.
    4. Comprehensive application of various non-destructive testing methods
    Any non-destructive testing method is not omnipotent, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. As many methods as possible should be used to complement each other to ensure the safe operation of pressure-bearing equipment. In addition, in the application of non-destructive testing, it should be fully recognized that the purpose of testing is not to “high quality” that is unilaterally pursued with high requirements, but to emphasize economics under the premise of fully ensuring safety and appropriate risk ratio. . Only in this way, the application of non-destructive testing in pressure equipment can achieve the intended purpose.
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