A harbinger of China’s future success is the huge local market for domestically produced LED products. The LED market in China and around the world includes lighting, mobile, large displays, signage and automotive applications (Figure 2). China is one of the most important producers and consumers in all of these market segments. The key question to ask is: Has China produced enough good Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) for the domestic market?

The Chinese government will also play a role in the quality of LEDs relative to specific applications. Take the replacement bulb. If the US DOE is set to a life cycle of 50,000 hours as a requirement, we can basically ignore most Chinese products. However, as the world thinks whether we really need a light bulb to use it for more than 25 years, the Chinese government is working hard to develop its own standards and shorten its lifespan through its own set of testing methods, standards, and facilities.

However, I believe that at least one Chinese LED manufacturer will occupy the seats of the top ten LED companies in the world within five years. The huge domestic market, the combination of subsidies and low cost will be successful.

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