Heat Treatment of Public Lighting

Posted: 14th Februar 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

Currently, all public lighting(CLASSIC) products in thermal processor design can be broadly summarized as aluminum extruded heat sink processors, heat sink heat sink processors and heat sink combined heat sink processors, and most aluminum extruded heat sink processors. The advantage of this method is that the cost of the heat dissipation processor can be relatively low, especially the development cost of the mold is relatively high. However, in the development of high wattage products, weight is a factor that must be paid attention to, because public poles have some limitations when subjected to pressure, so in high wattage products, generally used to handle finned radiators, or A heat pipe is used to design the heat treatment device.

An important technical threshold for public lighting in product development is the ability to design optically. Due to the good light distribution characteristics of the luminaire, public lighting can evenly and efficiently distribute the light on the road surface. At present, Taiwan’s NS15233 standard is only applicable to street lights with vertical angles of 80 degrees and 90 degrees, and dazzling quality lower than the requirements of 30 and 10. In addition, the level of 65 to 95 degrees, also need to have a greater than the specified brightness requirements, the remaining lighting technology, look at the optical design capabilities of various products, because some projects require road illumination level restrictions.

Therefore, in the case of no problem in terms of quality and reliability, the rest of the soft lighting performance is seen in the public lighting competition.

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