The Milk Production Line is used to process pasteurized milk and yoghurt. There are two kinds of yoghurt. One is agitating type, the other is solidifying type, the yoghurt style is more, the taste is good, and there are more yoghurt drinks. It is now more popular. Healthy drinks.

Milk production line processing process:

  1. Buffering: the process of milk entering the buffer tank through the pipeline
  2. Filtration: The process of removing milk and cow dung from milk by pumping milk into the filtration system through a sanitary pump

3, homogenization: the product is homogenized by homogenizer, the role of homogenization is to make the protein molecules in the milk very small, so that the pasteurized milk is beneficial to the human body.

  1. Pasteurization: The process of reducing the order of microorganisms in milk according to the temperature and time set by the process standard, and maintaining the nutrient and flavor of the product.

5, cooling: sterilization, the milk is quickly cooled to 0-4

6, temporary storage: the cooled milk temporarily stored in the storage tank before filling, and keep the temperature at 0-4

  1. Filling: Fill the bottle into the bottle or cup through the automatic filling machine.

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