1. Solar led street light(CLASSIC) do not need to be trenched, embedded and backfilled to install, saving construction costs.

2, did not purchase power equipment, save the corresponding equipment.

3, solar led street lights can achieve automatic control, no personnel management, saving management costs.

4, solar energy source, do not use traditional electrical energy, saving operating costs.

5, simple maintenance, no electric shock, safe to use.


1. The overall efficiency of solar led street light is directly affected by the intensity of the sun, and the solar energy area cannot meet local demand.

2. The solar module receives high-intensity sunlight and avoids obstacles. The specific installation location is limited.

3. The initial investment cost is slightly higher without considering the costs of construction, operation, maintenance, etc.

4. If the solar module is mounted on a pole, considering the strength of the entire wind, the investment will be slightly higher than the ordinary pole.

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