In the case of LED street lights, the concept is not just to use light bulbs to illuminate the road. Instead, it requires reliable and high-quality optics to ensure road safety. There are many types of road lamps, among which LED lamps are more suitable for street use. As an Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSIC), we will discuss its use and advantages on this page.

What is the significance of the uniformity of illumination of LED street lights? Good uniformity means that the light is evenly distributed on the road without any bright spots. If the lighting mode is too irregular, it will irritate road users and is especially important for vehicle drivers. According to one study, LED street lights can reduce driver fatigue if they provide uniform light like natural sunlight. It can greatly improve road safety. In order to achieve better uniformity, the LED street light fixtures are equipped with asymmetrical optical lenses that provide rectangular illumination instead of a circular shape. This arrangement can reduce irregular overlap of street lights.

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