Solar Led Street Lights And Off-grid Solar Power

Posted: 12th Februar 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein

Most people are familiar with solar panels to power homes or buildings, or to heat water, but many people ignore other uses of solar energy. Solar led street light(CLASSIC) can be used to illuminate the passageway, illuminate the parking lot of the building, and even illuminate the entire street and highway. Each lamp can be powered by a solar array, or you can string multiple lights together and run on a larger array of solar cells. Solar energy can be used to power it, regardless of application or demand.

Solar led street light also has many applications. Parking lots, roads, signs, billboards, almost everything can be illuminated with solar energy. Solar led street lights can be a green alternative to new lighting projects and can be retrofitted into existing lighting applications to reduce power consumption and cost. The solar lighting system can be customized to the lighting levels and luminaire requirements required by the customer.

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