From the current market point of view, plastic bottle packaging is quite questionable, but with the recovery of the global economy and the shortage of plastic bottle packaging in the short term. There will be a large market demand for China Pet Bottle in the foreseeable future. Similarly, with the development of the plastic bottle packaging market, the demand for blow molds continues to grow. At present, the blowing mold market has also presented some new features.

Blowing molds require high productivity and higher productivity to produce more plastic bottles in a short period of time for plastic bottles. In this way, we can win more profits for our customers. Nowadays, multi-cavity blow moulds are getting more and more popular among plastic bottle manufacturers. The multi-cavity of the blowing mold is inevitably a major trend in the future.

First, because of the high efficiency required for the multi-cavity of the blowing mold and the production of plastic bottles. It is necessary to improve the stability of the blow mold and to maintain heat resistance during the fast and repeated high-strength blowing process. Nowadays, due to the high-strength use, the repair rate and damage rate of the blow mold are getting higher and higher, which needs to be improved by relying on the blow mold.

Second, to improve the accuracy of the blowing mold, because of the popularity of multi-cavity molds, the accuracy requirements for the blowing mold are getting higher and higher. The requirements for the design and technical personnel of the relevant blowing molds are getting higher and higher.

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