Demand determines the market. With the rapid development of the beverage and wine industry, the demand for filling machines in the Juice Production Line has begun to increase, and the requirements for filling machines are constantly improving. In particular, large-scale production enterprises have very strict requirements on the production efficiency and filling accuracy of the filling machine. Objectively speaking, although the overall filling machine industry in China has made great progress, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign products. The lack of high-end equipment in the products, low technical content and lack of innovation are the soft underbelly in the development of the domestic filling machine industry.

  1. The rapid development of the beverage industry has driven the technological advancement of the pipeline emulsifier industry. In the future filling equipment industry, only the constant innovation is made, and the advantages of low consumption of raw materials, low cost and convenient carrying can be achieved. pace of. For the current situation of beer, red wine, white wine, coffee, various carbonated beverages and other conventional cans and glass as the pipeline emulsifier, with the continuous improvement of functional films in the future, the plastic hose line emulsifier will be more widely used. The greening of the plumbing emulsifier in materials and production processes marks the use of solvent-free composite and extrusion-composite multi-layer co-extruded functional films for more applications in filling equipment.
  2. More diverse products, requiring more differentiated pipeline emulsifiers have become the development trend of the beverage industry. The rapid development of the beverage industry will be the ultimate driving force for the mechanical technology of filling equipment. In the next three to five years, the beverage market will develop fresh juices, teas, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, and carbonated beverages, while responding to healthy lifestyle slogans to low-sugar or sugar-free beverages, as well as natural And the development of healthy beverages including milk. The development trend of the product will further promote the development of differentiated pipeline emulsifier, such as PET aseptic cold-filled pipeline emulsifier, HDPE (intermediate barrier layer) milk pipeline emulsifier, and aseptic carton line emulsification Machine and so on. The diversity of beverage product development will ultimately drive innovation in the materials and structure of filling equipment.

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