The prospect of playing golf at night helps to expand the appeal and function of the sport, not only because of the time constraints but also for those who like to play at low temperatures. In fact, most golfers in the southern United States like to start the game earlier in the day to avoid the high temperatures starting at noon. These are just a few of the many reasons why golfing at night is so popular under high-power Led Public lighting(CLASSIC). They basically allow all players, regardless of their situation, to indulge in the sport of their choice when the temperature is more comfortable.

Similar to high-power LED public lighting installed at famous golf courses in Turkey, it produces enough light for nighttime golf activities while reducing energy consumption by nearly 50%-70% compared to traditional outdoor golf course lighting systems.

These LED public lighting can also be adjusted using an intelligent system that distinguishes the night light and other light sources emitted by the moon and then performs appropriate LED lighting adjustments for environmental conditions.

LED public lighting can also be illuminated almost immediately after power is supplied. This allows the golf course manager to quickly open and close them as needed. In addition, it helps to reduce energy consumption.

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