The packaging of the milk powder production line in the milk powder market in China is basically in the form of metal cans and paper bags. In the process of milk powder processing, hot filling, cold filling and aseptic filling are generally used. The Milk Powder Making Machine designed and developed by Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is fast and efficient, and it is worthy of customers‘ choice and purchase.

Constraints There are three main factors in the production of milk powder production lines in China:

Raw material factor
Due to the inability of dairy cows to meet the processing needs, the raw material problems have been plaguing processing companies. Only high-quality milk suitable for processing can produce excellent milk powder products. There are not many farms that can reach international standards in China, so the processed milk powder is difficult to meet the market requirements, and some foreign milk powder processors have their own high-quality milk source base, and the produced milk powder is also more in quality. it is good.

Lack of technology
Due to the continuous expansion of market demand, there is a high demand for the production efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, many milk powder enterprises have upgraded their own milk powder production line production line equipment, or increased the milk powder production line production line, which also gives the milk powder production line production line. The production company provides space, but if the foreign advanced milk powder production line production line technology is still very different from ours, this requires us to constantly upgrade our technology, only when the technology can meet the needs of the enterprise, we In order to have a place in the high-end market, packaging machinery is facing the same problem.

Less self-owned brands
In fact, most of the milk powder we buy on the market is a foreign brand, or a domestic brand that has been purchased abroad. There are many companies producing milk powder in China, but there are very few good brands. Basically, many companies have become foreign brands. factory. Brand culture is the soul of products. How to manage your own brand to establish a clear image is what China’s milk powder production line enterprises need to learn. It is understood that the current milk powder market still lacks a strong leading brand. According to relevant data, the top ten brands in the milk powder production line do not have a market share of more than 20%, while the bottled drinking water and carbonic acid production lines in the same production line industry have a much higher market concentration. The top three leaders The brand market share is significantly higher than other brands. The lack of leading brands means that each brand has a lot of room for development, and once it wins in the milk powder production line industry, it can gain more market share.

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