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Posted: 12th Januar 2019 by linchao in Allgemein
FanPulse: Cowboys fans have almost no confidence left in the direction of the team The Dallas Cowboys are experiencing some serious lows on offense. Dak Prescott has failed to eclipse 200 yards passing in five straight games. The last instance of this was Quincy Carter in 2003 to give you a feel for where we’re at. As further evidence Womens Taco Charlton Jersey , the Cowboys are one of three teams (Titans and Cardinals) to not score a touchdown in either the second or third quarter this season. Understandably, morale is low.Just how low is morale, though? We have a nifty tool here at BTB as part of the SB Nation family, a tool called FanPulse. Many of you participate in the FanPulse surveys and the intent of them is to do just that, gauge a pulse of the fans from the most intelligent pool of people possible. FanPulse results are in and to no surprise they are not particularly glowing for Dallas. Cowboys fans dropped 43% in confidence from Week 3 to Week 4 (the seventh-largest dip) and now sit at a season-low 6%. Only Arizona Cardinals fans feel less confident in their team (5%).The rest of the NFC East is feeling a lot better about their teamsWe’re only in Week 4, but the Cowboys sit in third-place within the most storied division in the NFL. Things can change quickly in this league as they were in first place last week, but with Philadelphia and Washington sitting a game above Dallas and New York you would imagine things wouldn’t be too far apart in terms of confidence. You’d be wrong.Consider the confidence level of our division rivals and think about the disparity. Is this truly an accurate representation, or are Cowboys fans just more fickle and overreactive than the rest? FanPulse has proven before that our group’s pendulum swings further than anyone’s on a weekly basis.Eagles fans are 97% confident in their team.Redskins fans are 74% confident in their team.Giants fans are 54% confident in their team.All three division rivals sit above 50% while the Cowboys can’t even crack a lucky seven. While it certainly is possible that this is simply an overreaction the possibility does it exist that this lack of confidence is warranted. SB Nation recently polled all fans as to who the worst team in the NFL is. The options were the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, and Houston Texans. They finished in that order, so the house isn’t totally on fire at least from an outside perspective.While Cardinals fans do have a lower level of confidence in their team than us it seems as if Raiders and Texans fans are at the very least more optimistic in their squads than anything. Oakland and Houston have 32% and 12% confidence in their teams respectively, and both of them are still winless on the season. Perhaps it’s even blind optimism Authentic Sean Lee Jersey , but it is more optimism than Cowboys fans nonetheless. A Cowboys win will (obviously) do a lot for confidenceIf history is any indicator then a win on Sunday for Dallas would help boost things in the positive direction. Lions fans are 66% confident in their team, but to be fair they did just beat the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football. That’ll make anybody feel invincible.Detroit fans swung 48% upwardly this week so they may be as reactive as we are. Here’s to hoping they swing back the other direction on Sunday afternoon. It was a decision that shook the Cowboys fanbase. One that had many openly calling for Jason Garrett’s job. It was the infamous punt in overtime against the Houston Texans. Facing a fourth and “long” one from the Texans’ 42-yard line in overtime, Garrett decided against putting the ball in the hands of his offense and punted. Of course, as we all know, the Texans took that punt and danced and twirled through the Cowboys defense for a game-winning field goal. Cowboys Nation was understandably not happy.Based on that, you might think the Cowboys are a conservative team that never go for it on fourth down. Au contraire. The Cowboys have converted the highest number of fourth downs in the NFL in 2018. Dallas is six of eight on fourth down for a 75% conversion rate.Those six made attempts rank first in the league. Eight attempts on fourth down is tied with three other teams for second place, while the the Cowboys next opponent, Washington, tops the list with nine attempts in 2018 (they have converted five for a 56% rate). The Cowboys 75% conversion rated is tied for second, behind four teams tied for first who are at an 100% conversion rate. The Chiefs are four-for-four on the year on fourth down. Obviously not all fourth down calls are the same. Some are desperation tries at the end of games when you’re trailing your opponent. Some are like the Jacksonville game when the Cowboys went for it late in the game when they had a huge lead. Still, the idea that Jason Garrett’s team leads the league in fourth-down conversions after dealing with the Texans game is a little bit of irony. Our old friend KD broke down some numbers about fourth and short with the Cowboys.As they say, bygones. In the NFL you are always faced with another game during the season, so you have to look ahead. Fourth down Authentic Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , though, is a little bit of a specialty item. Where the Cowboys really need to improve is in converting third downs. Dallas is 30th in the league with a 31% conversion rate on third down, only ahead of Buffalo and Arizona. And this comes after the Cowboys went 7-17 on third down against Jacksonville, a 41% conversion rate. So while we poke a little fun at the fourth down stats, the third down numbers are no laughing matter. The best third-down teams in the NFL so far in 2018 are converting at a rate in the mid-to-high 40s. That will probably come down some before the year is out, but even the Jacksonville effort by the Cowboys (41%) was only okay in the overall scheme. They were somewhat bailed out by going two-for-two on fourth down, and also receiving a first down by penalty on a fourth down punt.Given the Cowboys success on fourth down, going for it in the Houston game made all the sense in the world. Even so, if the Cowboys want to succeed in 2018, it’s third down where they need the work. Custom Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys