The equipment system of Jilian Plastic Mold is constantly developing and progressing. The crystallization of the surface of the Pet Preform has improved the heat resistance.
System functions

  1. The loading and unloading station of the preform can be operated continuously. In addition, we have designed a new mechanism that does not cause any damage to the preform, such as surface scratches.
  2. The heater unit (light unit) is designed by our own unique technology, which saves power consumption (saving more than 30% compared to other crystallizers) and has an excellent efficiency reflector.
  3. The system can handle the flexible layout of existing preform production lines.
  4. In order to obtain a more precise boundary between the crystalline and amorphous parts, the water-cooling chamber (insulation) is designed by ourselves.
  5. The rotating core consists of a support portion of the preform and a heat insulating portion. In order to improve the quality of the crystal, such as size, neck profile, crystallinity and crystal boundary position, all our techniques are concentrated on this device.
  6. Since the heater unit and the cooling chamber are modular in design, they are easy to install and remove.
  7. SCR controlled heater strength and heater life are improved.
  8. The entire operation and condition setting of the crystallizer can be controlled and alerted under the touch panel, so the settings for optimizing crystallization conditions and process operations are very simple and fast.
  9. The system is designed to minimize floor space.

As a leader among many China Pet Bottle manufacturers, Jilian Plastics has continuously improved the production level of its products and brought more diversified and advanced products to our customers. I believe that we are absolutely not wrong.