Points to Note When Installing LED Public Lighting

Posted: 12th Januar 2019 by xiuxiu in Allgemein


The way in which Led Public lighting(classicledlight) is installed can also cause problems for residents. LED public lighting is designed to be horizontally mounted so that they don’t waste light from being projected into the sky, causing light pollution, or allowing the lights on the street to be projected frequently into people’s homes.

Many LED common lighting brackets are tilted upwards. Therefore, when it is necessary to replace the old lamp with a new one, the installation may only use the old up-tilt bracket and the new lamp may not be installed horizontally. Of the 100 LED lights deployed in the Brisbane City Council and the Energex trial, an estimated 90% of the lights were installed incorrectly, and the uptilt angle would exacerbate light intruding into nearby homes.

Intelligent control system

However, this adaptive control capability was not tested in Brisbane. The adaptive control system can make LED public lighting LED public lighting more comfortable for residents and cheaper for taxpayers.

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