Jilian Mold Advanced Pet Bottle Preform Capacity

Posted: 11th Januar 2019 by preform nicole in Allgemein
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In order to obtain the best quality Pet Preform mold, Jilian Mold uses advanced software in the product design and molding process.
Highly repeatable and reliable performance.
All mold parts are standardized and interchangeable.
Easy to use.
Combining pet molds with pet mold services ensures customers get the lowest total cost of ownership during the product lifecycle.

productive forces:
The hot runner pet preforms range from 1 cavity to 72 cavities.
Fast cycle due to specially designed cooling circuit
Monitor the part transfer sensor that moves the preform to the removal plate to increase cycle time
Standard interchangeable mold parts: parts can be replaced within 24 hours

Long life red design
Auxiliary taper to reduce mold wear by pre-aligning the mold half before tapering the neck ring
Roller cam for opening and closing action on drive line split

Part quality:
Minimal change in weight and size between cavity and cavity due to state-of-the-art manufacturing machines and processes
The water pipe at the bottom manifold of the hot runner PET mold eliminates the possibility of water spots on the preform
The imported hot runner system combines the experience and knowledge of Pet Bottle Preform with good quality and affordable price.