Jilian Mold To Meet Your China Pet Bottle Demand

Posted: 10th Januar 2019 by preform nicole in Allgemein
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The first step in injection molding Pet Preform packaging is to heat and melt the material. The material is dosed from the container by a specially designed screw that rotates within the cylinder and then heated by the heating element. The temperature of the plastic rises due to friction on the cylinder wall. Due to the rotational motion, heat is evenly distributed around the cylinder, and the high pressure in the screw causes the plastic to form.

The next stage in the manufacture of an injection molded pet preform package is the actual injection. The screw here moves in a rotational motion, but also moves in a reciprocating motion, which causes the molten plastic to flow into the prepared injection mold. Injection molds are usually made of steel and are designed to allow for rapid filling, which is beneficial for the effectiveness of the packaging manufacturing process.

Depending on the type of pet preform used to make the package, it is cooled or heated once poured into the mold. Thermoset plastics require heating, while thermoplastics require cooling. By using a suitable stabilization method for the plastic, it maintains the shape of the mold as it cools.

The mold is then emptied by automatic ejection. Off-the-shelf packaging removes plastic residue that may solidify on the feed channel or parts that join the mold halves. This is achieved by mechanically cutting unnecessary components and polishing the package.

PET bottle – injection blow molding

We can also use injection molding technology to make PET bottles. They are formed by two methods. Single-stage ISBM is also known as injection blow molding. The single-stage approach makes it possible to carry out the production process on one machine, resulting in a faster and more efficient process. The obvious advantage of this approach over other methods is the higher visual quality of the product.

Jilian Mold can use this method to produce China Pet Bottle of various shapes and meet your various needs. Our products are applicable to a wide range. Please contact us to get more professional support and help.