In recent years, China’s food and Milk Processing Plant packaging machinery manufacturing is undergoing a transformation, food packaging machinery is moving towards high-speed, multi-functional and intelligent control to adapt to market demand. At present, the international packaging machinery market is fiercely competitive. The general trend of the development of filling machinery is to become high-speed, high-efficiency and high-quality. The development focuses on low energy consumption, light weight, compact structure, small footprint, high efficiency and appearance. Adapting to the environment and operators and environmental protection needs, and new materials such as alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials, inorganic non-metallic materials are also constantly being promoted and applied. From the current development trend, the integration, intelligence and networking of filling machinery will become the mainstream of future development.
Therefore, in the future development, if the filling machine manufacturer wants to have new development, it must actively introduce talents, adopt high technology to enhance its competitiveness, and ensure the sustainable development of the company. The rapid development of domestic packaging machinery mainly depends on the huge domestic market demand. If domestic packaging machinery enterprises want more long-term development, they should base themselves on the current situation and solve the problem of backward technology and insufficient funds. In recent years, China’s food and Fruit Juice Production Line machinery manufacturing is undergoing an important transformation. At present, food packaging machinery is developing in the direction of high speed, multi-functionality and intelligent control to meet the needs of the market.