Diversification Of Pet Preform Manufacturing

Posted: 7th Dezember 2018 by preform nicole in Allgemein
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Pet Preform manufacturing is very diverse, and consumers have a choice between the products they want and the products they use to make them. The following is an explanation of the three most common techniques, as well as a cost comparison for each technology. Keep in mind that costs vary by project and some products require a combination of technologies.
Plastic injection molding
What it is: Also known as injection molding, this method is one of the most common methods of making plastic parts and components. This process involves injecting plastic into the mold to form an opposite shape. This process can be used in a variety of products.
How to compare costs: In general, this process is more complicated because it requires a specific mold. Therefore, this may cost more.
What it is: Another way to make plastic products is through extrusion and thermoforming. This requires more steps than plastic injection. Extrusion involves the processing of plastic powders or pellets, which are commonly used to make plastic sheets rather than more complex parts. The next step is thermoforming, in which the finished plastic sheet is heated in an oven to make it soft again and ductile. These sheets can then be pressed onto the mold by air or vacuum so that they can be formed into the shape of the final part.
How the cost is compared: In essence, this plastic manufacturing is simpler and generally cheaper than described above.
Blow molding
What it is: Blow molding is a manufacturing method that is not necessarily mutually exclusive with other products, although it involves an extra step that allows the plastic part to have a hollow space in the middle. Using one of the above techniques – as previously described, the most common is molded injection – moves the still hot part to another tool that blows the gas into the center and stretches it into the new mold. It is commonly used for bottles and other similar plastic items.
How to compare costs: For its part, blow molding costs are lower; however, you must consider that blow molding is usually part of a larger process, in which case the cost will eventually be higher.
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