Stranded Enameled Copper Wire Application Introduction

Posted: 6th Dezember 2018 by xinyuenamelled in Allgemein

Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire with high breakdown voltage, small dielectric loss angle, and environment-friendly.

Stranded enameled copper wire

Temperature rating: According to the selected enameled wire and wire.

Insulation Description: There are many different types of insulated wires for different applications, and the advantages of each enameled wire are retained.


(a) Balance the flux linkage and impedance so that the current is evenly distributed across the conductor, reducing the high frequency power loss due to the skin effect.

(b) It has good impedance stability, and its AC and DC impedance ratio does not fluctuate.

Applications: High frequency coils, width lines, induction cooker coils, high frequency power supplies, etc.

Self-melting enameled copper wire

Temperature rating: According to the selected underlying insulated wire, there are 130, 155, 180, 200, 220 degrees and other temperature resistance grades.

Insulation Description: Self-melting enameled copper wire is composed of different insulation wires according to different applications. The insulation layer can choose UEW, PEW, EIW, SEIW, EAIW, AIW, and the self-melting layer has solvent melting and heating. With. characteristic:


(a) The coil can be shaped according to the fused layer, and the immersion type procedure can be avoided.

(b) It has good winding characteristics and can withstand high-speed automatic winding.

Applications: Inductors, voice coils, etc.

More information about the Enameled wire is available at Xinyu .