Generally, carbonated carbonated beverage filling machines are mostly positioned or quantitative, and the material always has a certain distance from the bottle mouth. The Fruit Juice Production Line filling machine requires the material to be filled at the mouth, that is, the bottle is filled all the way to the mouth, so that the residual air in the bottle is very small, which ensures that the beverage itself is not easily oxidized, thereby maintaining its quality for a long time. Hot filling requires that the juice beverage be kept at a constant value between 85 ° C and 95 ° C after UHT transient ultra-high temperature sterilization, and the filling is completed in a short time, which is a high temperature filling. Since the hot filling of juice filling machine should have the functions of high temperature filling and full mouth filling, it is required to have an automatic circulation system to facilitate low temperature material circulation heating and CIP cycle cleaning. Hot filling should have the following functions:

  1. Return control function. The material filling port of the designed hot filling machine is in the lower part of the valve core, the exhaust passage is the return passage outside the valve core, and the exhaust and the liquid are in various ways. During the filling, the air in the bottle is not discharged. It will hinder the flow rate of the material and avoid the uniformity of filling of each valve due to the exhaust gas. This ensures that there is no material reflux during the filling process of the juice filling machine and it is easy to control the backflow of the material after filling the bottle.

2, automatic cycle function. According to the requirements of the hot-filled beverage production process, when the hot-filling machine is turned on before or after the start of the machine, or when the temperature of the beverage in the tank drops, it is necessary to warm up, and when the temperature is set, the beverage can be refilled. On the other hand, the juice is added. The filling machine must be cycled for cleaning after continuous production for more than a period of time, or when changing the shift. Therefore, the hot filling machine should have a perfect automatic circulation system.

3, card bottle mouth filling and delivery. When the heat-resistant PET bottle filling machine is filled at high temperature, the biaxially stretched PET will shrink, the shrinkage rate is generally 1% to 3%, and the strength of the bottleneck is large, which requires the positioning of the bottle mouth when filling. The zui is reasonable to avoid deformation of the bottle body by external force. At the same time, the well-filled drinks are conveyed by the card bottle mouth to avoid the bottle from being shaken and the material being spilled.

4, full mouth filling. At present, there are two types of hot filling methods for juice filling machines in China. One is that the inlet and return channels of the filling valve are opened and closed step by step; the other is that the inlet and return channels of the filling valve are Synchronous opening and closing. On the basis of fully digesting and absorbing foreign technology, a unique hot filling machine filling valve was developed. There are two filling ports for the filling valve, which are in the lower part of the valve core, so that the space occupied by the head of the valve core is very small. When filling, the filling valve is inserted into the inside of the bottle mouth, and when filling is finished, due to irrigation The inlet and return channels of the valve are closed in steps and in sequence, and the valve leaves the mouth of the bottle, and the volume occupied by the valve is replenished by the beverage in the return channel, so that the beverage can be filled up, that is, the mouth is filled. Installed.

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